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"The Rat under Shiva's foot is your heart. It can heal".


Darcy Reed Is a second generation Denver Native Poet; an historical heiress, in this way, to Denver's golden era of poetry. her poetry emerges from the sharp satirical activist's indictment of all human foibles, to the cosmic and universal truths uniting the nuances of our condition, exposing it to the greater spiritual realm.

Darcy Has a non-verbal form of Autism and has been writing poetry through facilitated communication since she was six. All of her poems are constructed in mind for long periods of time, and memorized before being spontaneously written, with no drafts or edits. That said, works herein should be experienced solely on their intrinsic, artistic and societal merits. Darcy Reed has been met with enthusiastic acclaim, at the international  100 Thousand Poets For Change, the Poetry Rodeo, Denver Poet's Day and various open mics, throughout Denver.


Testimonials and Reviews

about time your voice was heard...

Darcy is truly fantastic, extraordinary--deeply loved and admired by many who can appreciate the genius of her gift. Above my calendar, and below my clock, I keep a statement Darcy Reed made to David Reed and I about a year ago when he and I were going through an impasse of struggles in our collaborations. She said, "The more important the mission, the greater the resistance." I reread that statement each morning before I start my day.

Michael Annis, Howling Dog Press

Jesse Graff Jr, son of Jesse Graff, Black Ace/Mountain Cat publishing

I have known you since I was a little boy and I have always thought you to be something very powerful and insightful. I never once feared you and I always liked when I saw you... time tends to send childhood friends different directions and it is a crap shoot if we ever get to meet up with those companions again... I have been fortunate to not only see... but actually have you back in my life Darcy. You were there when my dad was finally beaten and laid down to rest and You have let me stay in your house so that I could catch up, smoke up, and drink up. I of course love and respect your parents and brother David... serious talent, heart, loyalty, gentleness, and determination flows through your family Darcy, and if you ask me I see you as the center through which it all flows... I know you Reeds, the Muse's artistic energy was first expressed out into to the world through the fingertips and mouths of Les and Carolyn wrapped in a gentle love that was in stark contrast to my dad's powerful and sometimes straight violent expression... I liked it and was drawn to it so it was natural I knew David and You... Les and Carolyn still have that gentle intelligence and continue to send that out for others to witness if they have the ear and soul... but David has grown into a titan of expression and is straight creating his own unique way of throwing power into the minds and souls of those fortunate enough to take it in... hell, I don't grasp it enough to explain it but I surely feel the tidal wave of power behind his his work and it is very brave to attempt to become a master at two arts such as painting and music only to combine them into one, all new and simply stunning medium that is a game changer in the studios, hole in the wall bars, and dream filled back alleys that house those of us seeking our own Muse in order to pay tribute t love and pain by expressing our true soul through any medium we can somehow manipulate enough that it makes sense to someone other than ourselves.... and as the family has been pouring that into Denver.. those same hands and mouths always come back to you in hugs, kisses, understanding, and love... but they are spent and the power has become a whisper as it touches you... but you have always accepted it and let it come in and move around inside you... it gains momentum as it cyclones within your body and italways builds until it must flow out.. literally shooting out your beautiful eyes, screams as it escapes from your throat, burns the clothes you wear, and sometimes even travels through objects as you toss em around. When it flows from you and into your house or car.. it is again a powerful and undeniable truth... which those three have benefited from by gathering, refilling the barrell of a gun so to speak, so that they can keep shooting. Hell, Les and Carolyn have out lasted legends such as Buke, Morris, and Fish, they are clearer and stronger than Ward and Anderson couldn't even hang out with thier shadows... and have watched as the Reed family gained momentum and strength while you helped put my dad in the ground. Say what you want but Big Jess was gonna live forever and no one could even come close to throwing shade on his intense light... until that light went out of course . Now, finally after decades of giving strength to what was heard.. years of being a rock that grounded energy that always threatened to spin outta control... becoming destructive and lost... now, finally we will hear your voice.. we will see the world as you do. I am guessing it will be like listening to the thoughts and poetry written by the lady living in the Eye of a Hurricane.. ... and that is something I and many many more have always wanted to hear because we are way to weak and indecisive to maintain such a powerful force as it swirls around and around. That my friends and my dear Darcy is my testimony. I may be long winded but I also have a birthright and did my time watching, listenijng, creating, chasing, and withstanding storms as those I knew and loved tried to capture their Muse inside the chaotic power lieing within the storm of self expression. Darcy.. congratulations and I am proud of you. Les, Carolyn, and David .... congratulations and I am so proud of you. I love the hell out the Reeds and I give two fucks if this witness report was too long for most... It is not nearly long enough to describe the life you breathe into this chicken-shit unforgiving world and most are not intelligent, loving, or brave enough to give you the respect you have earned.. so fuck them.. it leaves more sunflower wine for us!! my dad and I are always with you and we BOTH thank you for being in our lives... Wrap a poem around your beer and grab the Denver kid we gotta celebrate this".

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